What do I need?

Emergency telephone code
fire brigade: 122
police: 133
ambulance: 144

The currency in  Austria is Euro (EUR). Cash machines can be accessed at many locations in Graz, a few of them are indicated in the map.
They accept all major debit cards or credit cards.

Packing essentials
The most important thing besides your passport and toothbrush is probably a proper outfit according to your choice of excursion. Nobody will be allowed on the glacier with flip-flops. This trip and the gorge trip require appropriate footware. Of course, you should also bring your poster and lecture if you chose to participate actively in the conference.

If you inform us in advance about you coming by car, we may be able to arrange a parking lot.

Public Transport
Tram and Bus: A map of the Graz public transport system can be downloaded here (day) and here (night). You can purchase a ticket at any kiosk or directly at the driver. Your options include a one hour ticket (EUR 1,90), a 24 hours ticket (EUR 4,10) or a weekly ticket (EUR 10,60). Don't forget to validate your ticket inside the bus or train at the stamping machines.
Taxi: A more pricey option is to use Taxis to get around in Graz. The fares are quite high: E.g. The taxi Company 878 (telephone number 878) charges EUR 3,90 plus EUR 1,05 per kilometer during the day and plus EUR 1,11 from 20:00 pm to 6:00 am.
Metro: If you find one, please be so kind to tell us. We've been searching for years ;-).

In restaurants and bars it is cosumary to tip the personell up to 10%.

Austrian motorways are toll roads. A so-called Vignette can be purchased at any fuel station.

Waste disposal
You will notice a strange amount of recycling bins which allow us to separate many different kinds of waste. We encourage to do so, too.

Graz is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, so it can get fairly hot in August, with temperatures up to 35 °C. But also extensive amounts of rain and thunderstorms are possible, which results in much lower temperatures.