Accomodation / Food


The participants  are going to stay in two dormitories (Elisabethheim and Schönbrunnheim) which are located near the University of Graz. There will be single and double bedrooms, sheets and towels will be provided. The evening program will take place in the Elisabethheim.

Elisabethheim: 10 min walking distance to the University of Graz, bus station line 41 ( in front of the house), 3 minutes walk to tram 7

Schönbrunnheim: 10 min walking distance to the University of Graz, 20 minutes to the centre of Graz, tram station (line 1) and bus stop (line 58, bus takes 5 minutes to the University of Graz)


Adresses of the dormitories:

Elisabethstraße 93
8010 Graz
Untere Schönbrunngasse 7-11
8043 Graz

The reception desk will be placed in the Elisabethheim. The reception will be open from 7:30 am 17th August 2010 until 23:59 pm 23rd
August 2010. Here you can find all kind of information about the conference, the University, Graz,...


All meals will take place in the canteen of the University of Graz. Typical austrian cooking like "Wiener Schnitzel" will be served. Of course a vegetarian option will always be offered too.

Mensa University of Graz