Conference Details

The International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) is an International conference entirely run by physics students. It takes place annually in a different member state of the International Association of Physics students. For more details see What's the ICPS?, for more information on the daily program see Timetable.

All physics students and former physics students up to one year after graduation are welcome to attend the conference. This includes programs leading to a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree.

Scientific Program & Guest Lectures

The ICPS program consists mostly of lectures given by participating students from all over the world. Find out more about that in Scientific Program. A highlight of the annual conference are the guest lectures given by physicists from the host nation. For information on guest speakers at the ICPS in Graz see Guest Lectures.


A popular part of past ICPS conferences have been the excursions. These are a selection of visits to areas and places around the host city and are designed to give the delegates the opportunity to experience a part of the country. Every participant may take part in one of five excursions which usually last the whole day and will be completed by a reception of the governer of styria in the evening. A detailed description of every trip can be found in Trips.